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                    cosmic perls collected by Mary

what deserves to be preserved

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We live in our own experience, as part of a common, human social world. This is different to the system of the earth which mostly is not experienced directly at all. It is either out of our reach or we lack orientation to it. We only access that which is in the human world already. Our experience is socially mediated. This is the common world of social constructions we live in.

According to
Heidegger, great artists establish connections between the earth and the world and through their work introduce new existence into the human sphere. Their artifacts and happenings create new ontologies thereby expanding and enriching the world. They disclose that which is concealed by tradition.

Art "at its greatest ... 'grounds history' by 'allowing truth to spring forth'". (
Martin Heidegger via Iain Thomson)

Art gives humanity an outlook on itself and helps to establish what is important in life as well as what deserves to be preserved.

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Mittwoch, 2. September 2015

Lesegruppe ZEIT (Safranski 2015)

Im PhiloTreff der SinnPraxis haben wir mit einem HEIDEGGER betreffenden Abschnitt aus Kap.3 begonnen und dann den Film ONLY A GOD CAN SAVE US angeschaut und diskutiert.